Pre-owned Rides For Sale

The old fashioned way of purchasing a per-owned ride is over!  Now, it's all about a new trend, called Prep Your Ride. When you purchase your ride with Ride Preppers, your car is transformed into a vacation, prep and survival machine all in one. Follow the 3 steps and learn all about it below. 

Ride Preppers makes your RIDE twice as useful by adding over 100 life-saving features!  i.e. Food, water, 1st Aid, cash, power sources, provisions and a plan...

Along with your new purchase, Enjoy a FREE spa day and a hotel stay! But when you get back, all we ask is don't unpack! Disaster PREP has never been so fun & simple!

Purchase your Ride on or in person at our offices.  Contact us at 949.427. 1128 for details

Prep Your Ride Video

Vacation Is Preparation Video


5 Steps To Prep